9. dec 2019

Kom med til Social Soccer Cup i Østrig

Spiller i fodbold i jeres klub, og har i lyst til at tage et smut til Østrig i forsommeren 2020 og spille mod hold fra hele Europa?



Dear Ladies and Gentleman

With this mail our team from Youth Center ClickIn (www.clickin.cc) in Gratwein-Straßengel (Austria, near Graz), want to invite you to our international youth soccer tournament – the “Social Soccer Cup 2020” for youth institutions / youth groups from all over Europe.


Since 16 years our youth center hosts every year in June the "Social Soccer Cup" (www.socialsoccercup.at).

It´s an international youth soccer tournament for youth institutions, for football clubs and also for "open" youth groups and friends who just want to play football and so teams and groups from 19 different countries (Switzerland, Norway, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany,.....) found the way to our tournament in the last 16 years. 

We are always looking for new teams and from different countries.

So we just want to ask you, if you are interested to participate at the tournament with a team of your youngsters?!


What´s important to know?
Social Soccer Cup will be host on Saturday 20-06-2020 in Gratwein, 10km north of Graz, Austrian second largest city. The tournament will start at 10:00 and will end at 17:30.
16 teams will play. 8 teams from different European countries and 8 teams with youngsters from Gratwein and villages around it. A game will take 13 minutes, every team has 6 games.

There´s no participation fee!!!

A team has 6 players (at least one girl - if you have no girl then 5 players) and everyone is allowed to play who is born after 1.1.2002.
There are also a lot of show acts and activities for young people around the tournament:
We play national anthems in final, have special relaxing zones, a lottery with signed jerseys from European football stars like L. Messi, K. Mbappe,.. and many things more for making the day great for young people and guests there.

Unfortunately we can NOT pay for travel or accommodation there.
But we have special deals with hotels for this weekend. We could also arrange some common activities with youngsters from Austria and I think we could also find some another possibilities to save money for your group and organize a nice day or also several days there with a lot of activities.


For some impressions you can visit these links:




Naturally you can always write us by mail, by facebook or give us a call for further informations, for all questions about organizing a weekend there, about activities in the region and the possibility also to connect with Austrian youngsters und culture there.


We hope that we could motivate you to come to Gratwein-Straßengel, Austria in June 2020 and hope to read and hear from you soon 😊 !!!

It would be so great to welcome also a team from Denmark there for the first time in history.


With friendly regards from Youth Center ClickIn in Austria,


Vicky & Helmar.


Kontaktinfo: Viktoria Heher, mail: viktoria.heher@clickin.cc, og Helmar Haas helmar.haas@clickin.cc.


Søren Elmkær

Søren Elmkær