Ungdomsringens Music Festival 2019

18. jan 2019 til 19. jan 2019 / 19:00 - 01:00
Nordkraft Kjellerups Torv 9000 Aalborg (Nordjylland)

Ungdomsringen - The Danish Association of Youth Clubs hereby invites you to our Musicfestival, and as usual we expect the festival to be a great display of music in all its genres. The festival is going to take place from Friday to Saturday as it seems to be the best setting for the festival and at the same time gives the most beneficial experiences for the bands.

According to the tradition we invite our Nordic and European partners - a tradition which makes the Music Festival of Ungdomsringen to a unique experience. We hope that as many youth clubs as possible will turn up at the festival and hopefully many of the club bands will take this opportunity to establish international friendships, which perhaps also could lead to cultural exchanges.

And remember that this is not a professional event. The music is performed on an informal level so that everybody has the possibility to participate. And remember the Music festival is a non-alcohol and no-smoking event.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Aalborg! The Festival Group



Enrolment forms received later than November 9th 2018 at 2 pm cannot be guaranteed a place, but the enrolment will be taken into consideration. All bands not enrolled will receive a letter before 3st of December 2018.

A program for the festival will be distributed either together with the letter of confirmation or forwarded separately in December.

We expect that all participants will be present both on Friday and Saturday, which means that it is a misunderstanding if the bands performs and leaves afterwards. It is just as important for your band as well as for the other bands to have spectators. On account of our festival program it is very important that the enrolment form is completed accurately with all the required information.

Clubs without a band are very welcome to participate as spectators and there is no entrance fee.


In consequence of the Danish smoking law it is not allowed to smoke inside Nordkraft.

Download event poster here.
Download information folder here.

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