About Ungdomsringen

Ungdomsringen - The Danish Organization of Youth Clubs - is an independent interest organization of recreational junior and youth clubs. Members also include a number of other associations that work with children and adolescents.

Ungdomsringen has three main tasks:
  • To develop and implement activities in cooperation with the members - for example major music events and festivals, PC tournaments, motor sports tournaments, theater and dance festivals and nature and outdoor activities.
  • To offer skills development for employees in the field of children and young people - for example: Leadership development, targeted training to municipalities, professional training for staff groups through process development and networking, advice and guidance to the field of children and young people, organization and conduct of conferences and theme days. 
  • To ensure the quality and holistic thinking in performing tasks for children and young people by participating in the public debate.

Ungdomsringen is represented in many important organizations, networks and committees working with participants who relate to children and young people's leisure time.
www.ungdomsringen.dk is updated daily with the latest news on children and adolescents and activities for the members and others interested in adolescents.

Ungdomsringen also publishes newsletters, books, studies, pamphlets and other professionally relevant material.